Our lifestyle shops and Library offer hints into how to better enjoy your life and travels. All of these are filled with new stimuli and discoveries to enable you to “edit” the scenes of life you encounter.
    • The POP CHART LAB is a design unit started by a book editor and graphic designer with the theme that “All of humankind can be expressed by charts.” It displays posters which provide hints into better enjoying the various tools and items surrounding our life and travels, and they can also be viewed in our guest rooms.
    • Book Selection by Landscape Products, BAGN
    • Under the concept of “Sentiments about travel”, Landscape Products, BAGN is a library with books selected with the themes of food, thoughts, wanderings, art, and life. The books provide hints into travelling and life, and can be read inside the hotel.
    • This is a concept shop which started based on the PAPERSKY magazine modelled after the idea of “An inflight magazine to be read on the ground.” If offers portable items that can be carried on trips, stationary that can be used for ordinary correspondence, and PAPERSKY’s original goods. You can also read the most current issue of the magazine, as well as back issues.
    • Movable customized Booth
    • This is a 2M x 2M x 2M moveable booth that is the ideal space for a workstation for a single person wishing to concentrate on their work, and a meeting room for a small number of people, as well as a closed party room. The white wall exterior can be wrapped in another motif to completely change the atmosphere of the booth.
    • Multi-function Room
    • A stylishly-designed wide open room incorporating a kitchen studio, this is a multi-function space that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as an event space and party room, as well as a venue for a workshops. Please inquire for further details.