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129 Guest Rooms to feel a sense of Yokohama

All of our 129 guest rooms have been designed with a unique sense of values reflecting the port city of Yokohama. In their interior design which emphasizes the color white, as well as in the original tiles and furniture, you can feel the connection to the city.


Useable floor area 14m²
Bed size 1200x1950mm

Semi Double

Useable floor area 15m²
Bed size 1300x1950mm


Useable floor area 17m²
Bed size 1600x1950mm

Corner Double

Useable floor area 24m²
Bed size 1600x1950mm


Useable floor area 18m²
Bed size 1100x1950mm

Corner Twin

Useable floor area 31m²
Bed size 1100x1950mm

Universal Twin

Useable floor area 25m²
Bed size 1100x1950mm


shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, toothbrush, hairbrush, cotton swabs, hairband set, razor, body sponge, bath towel, face towel, nightwear, and dryer.