RAGOUT & WHISKEY HOUSE is a restaurant and bar designed with the theme of dining in a common eatery found on the street. RAGOUT refers to boiled or stewed cuisine, and the menu focuses mainly on vegetables and seasonal ingredients found in the local Kanagawa area. The bar offers new ways to enjoy whiskey. You can relax and enjoy dining with your family, coworkers or with like-minded friends.
“Ragout” is a method of cooking with which ingredients are left in a broth to simmer for a long time under low heat, commonly referred to in English as “stewing.” The origins of the word are thought to be found in the Italian word “ragu” meaning to cook by boiling, and the word “ragouter” which is French for stimulating the appetite. The resulting food varies depending on the method of boiling or stewing, as well as the type of pot and ingredients used.
Inquiries: TEL 045-680-0239(direct line to restaurant)
Seats 47