Office Rents

The office space on the second floor of the hotel is a new style of rental offices which you can “edit” to fit your particular working style. The space sports a white color motif and can be customized to suit the way in which you prefer to work. In addition, our Front Desk can accommodate a wide range of requests, and we also have a Members Lounge equipped with shower booths and a kitchen.
We are currently looking for new tenants for our Rental Offices. We accept requests to view the office space at any time during the day, so please feel free to ask.
    • TYPE A / 239
    • Rent ¥160,000/month 16㎡
      No vacancy
    • TYPE B / 240 241 242
    • Rent ¥170,000/month 17㎡
      240 241 Applications Are Now Being Accepted
      242 No vacancy
    • TYPE C / 243
    • Rent ¥200,000/month 20㎡
      No vacancy
    • TYPE D / 244
    • Rent ¥190,000/month 19㎡
      Applications Are Now Being Accepted
    • Front Desk is open 24 hours a day・Keycard system (for outstanding security)・Mailboxes・Public telephone lines・LAN circuits (separate contract)